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Music & Movement

What Children Learn from Being Exposed to Music
The exposure to music from early childhood onwards helps children to speak more clearly, develop a larger vocabulary, and strengthen social and emotional skills. Music has the ability to strengthen the connection between the body and the brain to work together as a team. The exposure to music supports children in their development process to learn the sound of tones and words. Music is a language, and children are oriented toward learning a language. Music evokes movement, and children delight in and require movement for their development and growth. Through music, children take an inner experience and move it into a shared creative experience. Group music-making releases energy that can be channeled in creative, productive directions while learning about themselves and others by listening to each other — tapping into hidden courage that can be played out by singing together or discovering the inner resources to listen quietly to one another.


Your child will learn the different elements in the sport of Gymnastics and basic skills. Beam, Bars, Floor, and Vault while working on their coordination, discipline, and self-esteem. Our coach Ms. Gina utilizes certified age-appropriate safety equipment to learn different elements in the sport of gymnastics. The benefits include the introduction to physical fitness, physically challenged
activities, a positive attitude towards fitness as well as developing fine and gross motor skills, such as balance, coordination, and hand-eye, foot coordination. It also helps the child build self-confidence and self-esteem.


Success Through Character - Developing Life Skills thru Soccer
Sports provide a great environment for kids to develop character. However, the character is not learned unless it is taught. The Mighty Kick's program introduces these positive virtues that sports can encourage. Our quality instructors build a foundation for these important Life Skills that are proven to help children succeed on the field, in the classroom, and in life. These life skills
are Confidence, Respect Others, Positive Attitude, Share, Play Fair, Be Kind, Try Hard, Have Fun, Be Brave, Work Together.

Program Benefits:

  • Coordination – Confidence – Character

  • Agility – Balance – Strength

  • Life Skills – Team Skills – Social Skills

  • Basic Soccer Skills – Elementary Techniques – An understanding of the game

  • Healthy lifestyle habits – Fitness – Endurance

  • Improved Self-Control and Self-Esteem

  • Creativity – The Curriculum engages the children and makes them use their imagination

  • Fun – Kids learn best while enjoying themselves

  • Educational – encouraging learning and development through experience and repetition
    of skills

  • Exercise — improves memory, attention, immune system, mood, and fights obesity, stress, depression, diabetes, and low self-esteem


In these lessons, your child will be introduced to the basics of coding and programming! Our program is focused on fun, STEAM-based lessons, and activities that promote the healthy use of technology and collaborative and individual learning. When kids are introduced to coding, they gain an appreciation of how digital technology works. For more information visit Techie Kids Club

Extra Curricular

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