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VPK (4-5)

Four years old are fun, silly, imaginative and very excitable.


Four year adds need lots of time outside with a variety of equipment to release all of their energy and excitement and also need to have plenty of activities for using small motor skills, like pencils, puzzles, clay, etc. And also encourage them to be independents in dressing and undressing.


At this age, they love other children, so that’s why is important to schedule large amounts of time for play indoors and outdoors. It is important also plan for small group projects and cooperative learning, so they can reinforce the importance of sharing and play cooperatively.


Four years old shows emotional extremes “loves” one minute and “hates” the next. May show fears. Is bold, adventurous, sure of self and highly imaginative. At this age is important to offer always new challenges and praise their efforts, and encourage children to make a stories to develop their imagination.


It’s important to do lots activities to improve their language. Read funny books, laugh with them, make rhymes, sing and read very frequently.


Shows curiosity about the world and other people and can attend for longer periods of time. Encourage children to work with math manipulative, introduce letters and sounds with games and sensory experiences. Plan more group activities.


Expeditioners VPK (4-5)

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