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Adventurers (Twos)

Two years old are full of energy and curiosity and their world must be filled of lots of resources to satisfy their need of exploring.


Give children many opportunities for indoor and outdoor running and climbing, offering them a wide variety of material to work with. Give children opportunities to dress, feed self and care for toys. Praise efforts at toileting.


Blocks and housekeeping areas encourage children to play with others encourage children to use words to express their feelings. Guide them to share and play with other children.


Allow children choices and to do as much as they can for themselves. Provide a secure environment, providing age appropriate toys and activities and following a regular schedule.


Encourage children to talk, talk, talk. Make them describe what they do, want and need. Sing songs, say rhymes, read and read favorite books.


Give children opportunities to learn through senses… touch, smell, taste, see and hear, also they should use matching games and sorting activities, sing songs and play games with body parts.

How do Children Learn:

  • Children learn through play. — Play is what children do best and enjoy the most. For children, play is their work.

  • Children learn by doing. — Children learn through active involvement with concrete objects. They need many firsthand experiences with real things.

  • Children learn through their senses. — Children learn by seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. Sensory learning also emphasizes the need for a variety of media and materials to stimulate children’s senses.

  • Children learn through language. — Children need to talk about their experiences and to verbalize what they are thinking.

  • Children learn by moving. — Children seen to be in constant motion. They have a limited attention span and cannot learn sitting quietly pushing a pencil. Children energy should be directed with whole body experience where they can move and use hands, feet, heads, and bodies to learn.


Adventurers (Twos)

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